Movie Night! - "Burning In The Sun"

Thursday May 10, 2012

Boston Area Solar Energy Association proudly presents......

Cinema for Peace 2012 International Green Film Award-winning, feature-length documentary film: 'Burning in the Sun'

Daniel Dembele envisions the rural villages of Mali in a new light - solar powered light.

"Before Banko's school had electricity, every year 20 percent of students passed their national exams. After Daniel installed lights, 97 percent passed." - [from the film]

"If you're educated, you could help develop your village." - Jenebou [student]

Dr. Richard Komp becomes Daniel's mentor as they embark on a transforming journey, hand-fabricating photovoltaic panels, assembling solar cookers, and bringing together opposing groups - rebels and government - to put their differences aside and unite in a shared project with a common vision. Their journey ignites innovation, resourcefulness and cooperation, as friendships form and hope is illuminated.

Come see the film and discuss it with pioneering renewable energy scientist, activist, author of 'Practical Photovoltaics', and our honored guest, Dr. Richard Komp.

Presenter: Dr. Richard Komp

Pioneering renewable energy scientist, activist, author of 'Practical Photovoltaics.'