A New Model for Improving Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

Thursday March 12, 2009

Existing buildings consume more than 40% of the energy used in the United States -- and residential buildings by themselves consume almost as much as total transportation. While we worry about fuel efficient cars, energy use in our homes has received much less attention from the general public and policy makers. Few of the 120 million homes in the U.S. take advantage of energy audits offered by utility companies. More importantly, a study by Hagler Bailly showed that only a small percent of recommendations were actually carried out by the homeowner; other "improvements" sold to customers have also failed to result in the promised energy savings.

Dan Valianti will discuss the issues surrounding this critical problem, and the new model from Next Step Living, formed in July of 2008, for overcoming the barriers to creating real improvements in energy efficiency in our homes.

If you are concerned about reducing our energy use, please join us for this important discussion.

Presenter: Dan Valianti of Next Step Living

Dan is an energy professional with twenty years of experience in various roles at both not-for-profit organizations and for profit ventures. He served three terms in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where he founded and Chaired the Joint Committee on Energy/Renewable Energy Resources. Dan also worked at Ceres, where he launched and managed Ceres' Northeast Climate and Energy Program.

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